Morten Hertzum
Department of Information Studies, University of Copenhagen


I am professor of information science at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and have a PhD in computer science. My research interests are within human-computer interaction (HCI), computer supported cooperative work (CSCW), information seeking, and healthcare informatics.


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Current projects

Participation and learning in Library Makerspaces will contribute cases and designs that explore, evolve, and evaluate makerspaces in public libraries.

Information Systems for Service Design investigates service designersí information behavior and information needs to support the design of systems for service designers.

LabVis devises and evaluates more effective solutions for visualizing abnormal lab-test results for patients with chronic diseases.

Recent publications

Hertzum, M., and Simonsen, J. (2019). Configuring information systems and work practices for each other: What competences are needed locally? International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 122, 242-255. [DOI]

Hertzum, M., and Hansen, P. (2019). Empirical studies of collaborative information seeking: A review of methodological issues. Journal of Documentation, 75(1), 140-163. [DOI]